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Post  Novaanimefreak on Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:46 pm

These are the rules of the forum, please read them before you get started. Smile

Overall Rules-
1: No rude or unwanted comments, if you have a problem with somebody from the studio, don't rant about it here.
2: No trolling!!!! Trolls will be burned..... Lol, just please don't.. okay?
3: No detailed romance, I don't wanna know about your personal life, sorry.
4: You must have fun, people not having fun will be burned as well..... Very Happy
5: Me and my staff have the shiney staff of power, this meaning we have the right to delete your unwanted comment or suspend you from the studio, or even kick you out for high offences, which I'm hoping we won't have.
6: You can report abuse by messaging any of the staff, or the main studio account. Preferably the studio account.
7: You people are awesome.... People found not being awesome can/will be burned as well..... Very Happy

Mep rules-
1: Must suggest a mep before you host one.
2: Must receive at least two yeses from members and one from a staff member.
3: Please no profound songs, thanks.
4: Please have all your parts in one time!
5: Once you've gotten all parts and have completed it, please upload it to sendspace or a downloading site and we will upload it to the main account.

Roleplay rules-
1: No detailed romance!
2: Please state at the top of your roleplay suggestion the fantasy level and maturity, this just lets us know if you want no voilence or detailed voilence or if you don't want/do want something. Okay? thanks...
3: Please suggest roleplays in our OOC section and not in the roleplay section.
4: No powerplaying, this means no playing other people's character without asking them first.

Contest rules-
1: Please suggest a contest before making one.
2: Please keep it to editing related contests, just to stay on topic.
3: Rules for the contest specifically should be posted in your topic.

Thats it for now, to suggest a rule or seek to change one, please message me on my novaanimefreak account or the studio one. Thanks!


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